Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mr. Saturday Night

This past Saturday, I went to Grays Harbor Raceway about an hour outside of Olympia, to see my favorite racer, Kasey Kahne in some serious sprint racing action. The action started at about 7, with qualifying and then the main qualifier events. Kasey ended up qualifying fifth, placing into the A-main event. He led for a while in the final race and then fell back to 6th or so. After a few cautions he eventually made his way back to 4th, where he ended up finishing.

It was so cool to actually see him in action, although it would have been nice to actually meet him. He did come out on a four wheeler a few times to talk to the audience. I guess when you have the kind of pull he does, they pretty much give you free reign of the whole place. I could have gotten a few good pictures of him if I had went down to the track fence, but I didn't want to seem like one of those oggling fans eager for just a glimpse of him. The real worth was in watching him race. Eventhough he didn't win, it was still an awesome experience.


Dewbob said...

Very cool! Too bad about sunday. that !$??!! Steurt!! Kane should make the final 10.

Dana said...

Yeah too bad...but what kind of four wheeler was he riding...was it hot?? Let me know! Love ya