Monday, March 27, 2006

[GoBigelow] Places - Bigelow Mountain Range

Deep within the brisk landscape of Maine lies a little mountain range with a very familiar name. The Bigelow Mountain range is roughly 12 miles wide and houses the second highest mountain in Maine, Bigelow Mountain! In 1976, a preserve encompassing 35,000 miles included the small Bigelow Mountain range, called the Bigelow Preserve was established by referendum due to increased pressure to develop the land into what some called the "Aspen of the East". Now, the preserve is enjoying success with people traversing its many trails and viewing its many wonders. For more information on the Bigelow Mountain Range, please visit the links below.

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New Computer!

Well, today I recieved my first laptop from Dell. So far, its working flawlessly, except I hate when you buy a new computer and all the AOL junk and other pointless software is bundled in as well. It takes a little while, but most of that stuff can be weeded out. I'm actually using my old mouse for when I'm at home, just becuase it's easier, and when I head out I'll stick with the touchpad.

The new AOL IM I downloaded is really bulky, a lot of junk that nobody would ever use. I just want to be able to talk to my friends, and get on with life. Who needs to voice chat and check their e-mail while they're IMing? Not me.

I have noticed the huge difference between my old computer and this one, I can actually do many different things at once! Listen to music, download, and update my blog at the same time! The only issue I have with laptops is that once you go from AC power, the screen dimms to save energy. Although I believe there is some way to change that, for now I'll leave it.

It also took me a while to figure out how to configure XP to how I had my old Windows, meaning I have my taskbar at the top, Mac-style, no icons on the desktop, and toolbars on the side and bottom. I know people think that it's a strange way to layout a desktop, but I don't like clutter, so I eliminate all the icons. Anyway, enough ranting.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Goodbye Chef...

Well, today marked the end of Isaac Hayes' run as Chef on South Park. It ended in quite a remarkable way. Chef ended up joining the Super Adventure Club, a club that molests little boys. They brainwashed him and all that, which is how Trey and Matt utilized Chef's old voice-overs. The boys try to save him by taking him to a psychiatrist, which works, but then he gets kidnapped and held hostage. When the boys end up rescuing him, he falls into a rivene and gets eaten by a mountain lion and a bear. At the very end, in Star Wars fashion, the men from the Super Adventure Club stand around Chef, who is brought back to life, and given a black Vader-esque suit.

I found myself laughing at all the metaphors comparing the Super Adventure Club to Scientology. For instance, Scientologists believe that aliens somehow put bad viruses or microbes in our bodies and that the only way to get them out is to follow Scientology's teachings. The Super Adventure Club followed along those lines, but those that molested the little children were given good microbes (I forgot the exact term used), because through having sex with them, they were given the good microbes that only children have. This somehow gave the men immortality.

If you didn't know the whole story behind Isaac Hayes leaving, or if you didn't see the past episode of South Park in which Scientology was explained, I suggest you check out this out anyway, it's a great show.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

[GoBigelow] Places - Bigelow Hot Springs

The Bigelow Hot Springs, is located 58 miles outside of Eugene, Oregon near the McKenzie River. This sand lined spring is about eight by thirteen feet in diameter with about 2 feet of depth. Warm, soothing water cleanses naturists and hikers with a satisfying 140 degrees of constant heat. Due to it's location so near the river, the spring can cool down slightly in the winter months.

Dense green foliage and the occasional deer accompany the spring, making the sight of naked people that shouldn't be naked a little bit more bearable. Although I haven't been there, though I plan to once I get to Seattle, it seems to be a great place to journey for the day. For those of you who like to use your GPS while you walk around, here are the coordinates for this beautiful location: 44.241 Latitude, 122.058 Longitude. EXPECT NUDITY!!

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Monday, March 20, 2006


Well, after a frustrating, rained-out Sunday, the race went on today without me watching it. I got to watch the first hour before I had to go to work, not even believing that my favorite driver, Kasey Kahne would win. Well, lo and behold, he friggin wins and I miss it! God damn FOX, they never re-air anything. Cops they'll play in marathon mode, but a NASCAR race will never be shown outside of it's original airing. People work you know! UGH! So frustrating.

Regardless, Kasey won, and he's now in 2nd place in points, behind Jimmy Johnson. For those of you who don't watch NASCAR, you should definitely check it out at least once, it's more exciting than you think.

MySpace is Urspace

For those of you checking this out from MySpace, THANKS! Please check back regularly, I'll be posting often, because I've been really bored since Denise left. Feel free to leave comments too, I enjoy knowing what people think of what I think. I'll still be visting MySpace, but probably not posting any more blogs, due to redundancy. So, thanks, and have a great time here.


Hey everyone.

I'm in Seattle searching for the meaning of life. I probably won't touch on that in this blog, but I'll try to keep you interested nonetheless. My new life out here will hopefully be full of surprises. So won't you come along for the ride? It should be fun.