Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No Ants at This Picnic

Sunday was interesting. Brandon was allowed to take an extra person to the Microsoft company picnic, to which I obliged the presence of my company. It was about a 30 minute bus ride out to some farm out in the middle of nowhere. The picture above is a nice representation of what we saw. There is a giant mountain in the background of the farm. It's a lot taller than it looks, it looms over you as you walk around. Apparently there is no space within a respectable distance to have the company picnic where 25,000 people can enjoy ribs and ice cream. There are so many people that work at Microsoft, the company had to divide the picnic up between Saturday and Sunday.

There was a lot of stuff to do, if you were a 10 year old that is. Most of the fun stuff was aimed at kids, which there were a lot of by the way. I joked that I think Microsoft is encouraging people to reproduce, to which Brandon replied, "They do want to take over the world and out breading everyone else would certainly make it easier". Agreed.

The food was good. Really good. And FREE! Can't beat that. No sir.

I did do the rock climbing thing, not the actual rocks, but the plastic wall thing, which was fun. We also played giant basketball. But, in the 100 degree weather, we only played for about 5 minutes. Luckily, they had giant tubs of ice filled with bottles of water everywhere. So far as I know, nobody died or fainted from exhaustion. Oh and I got to see a bald eagle for the very first time. They were really cool. The symbol of American freedom, just a few feet away.

Anyway, it was so freaking hot, we left early and flew down to the beach. I could swear that when I jumped in the water, steam rose from my body due to the sheer heat. It's still really hot here, roughly averaging 95 a day, no humidity though. I can't even ride my bike out there now, I'm afraid I'll die. I hear that this is the peak of heat here in Seattle, it will soon go back to the beautiful 70's within the week.

Let's hope.


Brandon said...

Don't forget the bull ride. That large slippery plastic mechanichal bull. You easily made it past it's warmup phase that was knocking most everyone else off.
I heard something this morning, I guess yesterday was Seattle's warmest overnight low ever at about 70 something degrees!

Dewbob said...

Sounds like ya had fun. Did you meet anyone to help you along in your quest? You rode a BULL?!? Go Bronco's.

Dalinda said...

I would gladly have the heat without the humidity. I cant remember a summer that has been so sticky. Did you meet anyone that could help you with your job search?

Dana said...

Yeah, the weather here has been pretty sticky!! Im sure that you don't miss that! Well, it sounds like you had a lot of fun at the picnic, I miss playing basketball. Tried playing with the neice and nephew the other day and they must play southern basketball cuz they weren't playing right at all!! Well, stay warm and try not to die riding your bike! Love ya!

Bigelow said...

Dana, I said giant basketball. The ball was a giant rubber basketball balloon thing roughly the size of a small elephant. It was huge. If it were normal basketball, I would have totally owned everyone, because, you know, they work at Microsoft. I'd be like Larry Bird baby!

Dana said...

You totally would have shown those computer geeks a thing or two!! Love ya!!

Rose said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Nice house!