Monday, September 11, 2006

Bigelow Literary Works - Batman vs. Penguin

Oh boy. I ran across something very special to me when I was cleaning the other day and I thought I would share it with all of you. When I was but a young child I had a very vivid and eloquent imagination. What you are about to read was gracefully spun from the loom of that young and auspicious mind. Enjoy.

Batman vs. Penguin

It was a dark and gloomy night and Bruce Wayne was at a dinner party at the Gotham City Hall. He was almost the richest one there except for the Governor. Alfred was his Uncle and his family. Bruce was very wealthy and had a mansion all to himself.

In the Arctic part of the world lived penguins that worshiped a man. Ever since Batman had defeated him he wanted revenge. He moved back to Gotham City still looking for Batman. Penguin wrote a letter to Bruce Wayne telling him to meet him at McDonalds next to the Dealership*.

When Batman got there, there was one car. Then flying above him was Penguin. He flew overtop the Batmobile. Batman got out and looked up. He saw nothing. He went back to the Batcave. He looked at the monitors. He saw Penguin in the Gotham Bank. He has monitors everywhere especially in banks! Then all of a sudden Penguin came in. Batman sprayed poison on Penguin and he fell down and never said a word.

"THE CITY IS SAFE AGAIN!" said Batman.

The End.

*It was my assumption that every McDonalds in the world was near a car "dealership" becuase the only McDonalds I knew for the first 10 years of my life was built next to one. Funny that eight years later, I would come to be employed there.

I fixed the spelling errors (hey, I was 9), but left the awesome grammar. I remember too, that when writing stories of this literary magnitude, I would surprise the reader with the very popular "Then all of a sudden" phrase. You know that when you heard it, something awesome was about to happen!


bill said...

haha thats a pretty badass story xD

Dana said...

Wow, I renember that!!! SCARY!