Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This is the End, My Friend [or] Holday Venting

Christmas is finally over! Now there are only a few more days left of utter clothing carnage and I'm in the clear. I'm no grinch mind you, I'm just tired of overhyped holidays. Halloween is becoming overly commercialized as well as Easter. I'm also tired of working in a place where people [customers] look down on you, and have no respect for you, or your job.

I'm reminded of an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer's girlfriend [I think] who is Elaine's office-mate heckles Jerry at one of his shows. Obviously frustrated, he seeks revenge by going to her office and heckling her. You have no idea how many times I would have loved to try this to a pompous, aggrivating customer. First, I would "reorganize" their files, call them every five minutes and ask the most obnoxious [and obviously self-answerable] questions, and throw used napkins and latte cups on their desk. Even today we had somebody leave a used tampon in the fitting room. WHO DOES THAT? Gross. Oh and I love walking around the store stepping on cheerios and candy that mothers give their children. Why can't you feed your children while you're not in the nice clean store?

Also, why are people automatically drawn, as bears are to honey, to nice, neat piles of shirts. I have literally had shirts ripped out of my hand as I was folding it! What is with people?!? It's helpless to get them to understand my point of view, especially the person who is ripping through the piles of clothes that I just folded five minutes before close.

I understand that you have a busy life, but it's a lot harder to pick up clothes to take to the fitting room when you have two armfulls of clothes already. What the heck is the hurry? Why do you need to take every-single-thing you want to try on into the room all at once? If you're in the store on your lunchbreak, fine. I'm sorry you've made your life so busy that you can't make extra time to shop when you actually HAVE THE TIME. If you need to come to the store during your lunchbreak, you obviously need to reorganize your priorities. Half the time you people don't even buy anything. You come in to mess up the store when you don't have time and make me run around for you because "you're in a hurry" as you like to often tell me. Telling me that you're in a hurry doesn't encourage me to actually go faster, in fact, I often go a little slower.

This one interview I had, they asked, "Is the customer always right?". To which I replied, "no, of course not." If you've ever worked in retail, then you obviously know that they aren't. Often times, even the customers know they aren't right, they just like to cause a scene. You should read
this article about the "customer is always right" mantra and you'll see what I mean [Warning - not entirely safe for young people to read].

That's pretty much all I wanted to say. There's a lot that bugs me during the holidays, mostly attributed to annoying customers. I'm usually not this abrupt, I guess I needed to vent. Don't think that I don't like dealing with customers. On the contrary, I love to help customers that aren't annoying or unappreciatively demanding. You know who you are.

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Anonymous said...

Hi , I'm late but here..the customer is very seldom right,some dumb ass,big ass company came out with an assinine slogan about the "customer'...boy did they run with that one!! You need to use subtle sarcasim...the customer will never know what hit them...makes you feel better too! Love ya, how's the iPod????? Love Mom PS today is my birthday!!!!