Friday, June 30, 2006

Punching Myself in the Face

For those of you who don't read my MySpace Blog, here's a little nugget for you:

You would think that after being transferred to a location that is in the central hub of all that is Microsoft, I would be prepared to answer a few simple questions if, lets say, a RECRUITER came into the store and overheard my conversation about wanting to get a job?? You would think that wouldn't you? But no, I'm a freaking retard, worse even.

In my defense, there was a line of people, and I was unable to break away to properly talk to this woman. So instead of asking for her number or something clever like that, I tried to squeeze in as much information about myself into a ten second time period before she walked away. I don't even remember what I said, I was sputtering out this and that and have no idea if it even made sense, but I was out to try to impress her anyway I could. After finding out that I was in search of a position within the Xbox Division, she kind of left the conversation, due to the fact that she worked in a completely seperate division.

Even so, I should have been more prepared than this! I didn't move my ass all the way out here to make a fool of myself. I'm Derek Bigelow dammit! I went to college, paid my dues, sacrificed my life to Gap for 5 years, and for what? So I could stand there and make an ass of myself in front of someone who had the potential to turn my life around? ARGH I AM SO PISSED!


Dewbob said...

Remember your training "grasshopper". Let the force guide you!

Bigelow said...

Thanks Dad.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now. The woman walks up to you, you get nervous. You pull at your pant leg, you rub your nose, you sniff a couple times. Then you giggle a little. Then you push up your glasses (oh wait, no glasses). Did you reach for your socks too? Sorry about the misfortune "Grasshopper".

Dalinda said...

Did you forget you were a Bigelow? We would never act like a weeny infront of a potential boss.

Dana said...

Are we all thinking of the same Derek? Come on now!