Monday, November 19, 2007

Updates and Such

So I have a lot of news. For starters, I'm an idiot and never post. Sorry!

I've moved into some new digs. Pretty exiting. No pictures yet or anything, maybe I should get on that.

I've just landed a new gig as a vendor for a very large company you may or may not have heard of. Also very exciting.

Tove (Toe-va) and I have been together for almost nine awesome months! And she isn't sick of me yet! Gotta love that.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on December 13th, which isn't that exciting, but it's news!

That's about all of the new stuff going on around here for the past few months.

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Sarah said...

Dude. Feel for you on the whole wisdom teeth sitch. I had mine out a year ago this month. All four were surgically extracted because they were impacted *groan*. I was under general anesthesia (BEST THING EVER) and everything went great. I got over it relatively quickly, except for one dry socket. My best advice? If your pain doesnt start to subside in about a week, go see your doc. Dry sockets SUCK. Too bad you're having it done right before chrimbo - I feel for ya, I had mine done before thanksgiving last year. I did some posts about it all on my blog.

So what are you doing at the new company?