Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Nothing

If you've ever seen The Neverending Story, then you are familiar with "The Nothing", an impossible, unforgiving storm whos appetite for all matter in the world is insatiable. I am not a young adventurer named Atreyu and I don't fly around on magical dog dragons named Falcor, but, I have witnessed and [thankfully] survived what I like to call "The Nothing".

Fifty mile an hour winds and an insatiable appetite for...tree limbs is why I call last week's storm, "The Nothing". Pelting rain coming from every direction, cars swerving around the carnage of broken branches and telephone poles, it was sure a sight to behold. When it was all over, millions of cold and wet northwesterners came home to find themselves without electricity. For the lucky few, their power was restored in a matter of hours. For the unlucky few [including me], power wasn't restored for several days.

The day after the storm, I took a walk around the park to see what, if anything, had happened. Several trees were uprooted, including two trees that fell on a house next to my apartment. Luckily, a friend who lives north of Bellevue had power, so I ended up staying at his place for a few days. Of course I took my new Wii and we played WiiSports deep into the night. We actually ended up going bowling too, which was quite fun in and of itself [I bowled a personal best of 148]. Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed in the process. Good fun.

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