Friday, December 15, 2006


Two posts in one night? Is the apocolypse near?

I went to my first Seattle concert a few weeks ago. The Killers came to the Paramount Theatre and rocked my socks. Some junky band from California opened and honestly weren't that good. It was a tad disappointing because they only played a few of their older [my favorite] songs and fresh of a new cd release, played almost all of their new songs. While it's taken me a while to warm up to their new stuff, I definitely enjoyed the live versions. Any Killers fans out there?

This past week I went to see Death Cab for Cutie, the little band that could from Bellingham, WA. I was actually a big fan of them when I lived back home in New York, and now that I live out here, I actually have become an even bigger fan. I always tell people that if you want to experience the Northwest melodically, you can't get any better than Death Cab for Cutie. Not only that, but one of their opening bands, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, was actually really good. They fluently blended country, rock, and blues [two of my favorites anyway] with ease and Jenny Lewis seemed to be channeling her inner Loretta Lynn during the fantastic stageshow. I suggest all of you check them out, although I hear that this was their last show together, Jenny and the [beautiful] twins are parting ways :[ Death Cab for Cutie was simply amazing. Since they were in front of the home crowd, they played a lot of older [again, my favorite] songs. At one point, they went into 10 minute jamfest during one of their greatest songs, Transatlanticism. I was completely blown away. Amazing. The crowd kind of ruined it for me though, they didn't really seem into it, or as into it as I was. I get annoyed when I feel like I'm the only one having a good time. Anyway, if you want to check out any of the bands, just follow the links below.

What are you're favorite concerts you've been to, or which ones do you really want to go to?

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