Friday, August 25, 2006

See-Hawks Run

Sorry this is so late, I've been pretty busy lately and haven't had a chance to post. I shouldn't say that really, I've actually been too lazy and tired. But, regardless, a few weekends ago, we were supposed to go bungie jumping, as you read in my post below, but that fell through. THEN I was supposed to go to Endfest (concert) and that fell through too. SO, me and Brandon decided to head downtown for the Seahawks pre-season game against the Dallas Cowboys.

After searching, and searching......and searching for parking, we finally found one lot with some space. Funny thing around here though is, there aren't any attendants to take your money or give you change, but there are little metal container things with slots to put your money in, and they are numbered to match your parking space. We didn't have anything but a $20, and since the parking was $15, we set out to find us some change. I should note that right next to the stadium is Seattle's international district, which is mostly a Chinatown. Everywhere we went to find change either wouldn't give it to us, or couldn't understand what we were saying. Frustrating. We ended sucking up the fact that our $5 was lost and shoved the $20 bill in the little slot.

We searched for the lines to buy tickets, and eventually after finding them, we were approached by a guy who had just found out that his friends bailed on him for the game. He was a season ticket holder, and had two extras he didn't want to lose money on. He told us we seemed to be normal, and offered us the tickets for $10 each, which were normally $70.

The seats were really good, as you can see in the pictures, which were taken by my phone, sorry about the quality. It was wierd watching the game without commercials, as this was my first ever live football game. Oh and the guys we bought the tickets from had binoculars, so I was checking out the sidelines, and got a peek of Drew Bledsoe and Terrell Owens. It would have been a lot more fun if the guy who was sitting next to me wasn't such a dickhead, and the people sitting in front of me weren't wasted out of their minds. But hey, we all enjoy sports in different ways.

The cool thing is that we exchanged numbers with the guys who sold us the tickets so that if they ever can't make a game again, they'll call us so we can go. I'm gonna have to start liking the Seahawks so that I can really get into a game, becuase it's kind of boring when I'm not really interested in either team.

Maybe I'll just move to Denver :]


Dalinda said...

Maybe the game is more interesting if you are wasted? I have to say I hope you get the chance to bungee again. I have always wanted to sky dive. The kids miss you. Call sometime.

mom said...

Hey, the Seahawks aren't so that they aren't in the Bronco's Div. But then again,Colorado is a beautiful State also!! You didn't mention bungee jumping to me?? Love ya!

Dad said...

Go Bronco's

Dana said...

O geez mom, settle down about the bungee jumping! You have done much riskier I am sure!! HAHAHHA, anyway, football games defintely are more fun if you are totally wasted and freezing to death. A favorite past time (ok i have only done it like 3 times) is going tailgating at 9am in 20 degree weather, eating soup, chili, hotdogs, etc. and drinking hot chocolate in an effort to stay warm. Well, alcohol helps with that also. But, when you are wearing Broncos and Eagles garb at a Buffalo Bills game, you seem to get harrassed. The alcohol should never impair your judgment when in an argument with a Bills fan....they are crazy MFers. Well, I look at it as any football is better than no football!! You should go to more of the games and tell Terrell Owens that I LOVE HIM!!! LOVE YA!

Bigelow said...

"tell Terrell Owens that I LOVE HIM!!!"