Monday, July 10, 2006

Those Clever Pokemon

So, most of you already thought I was a nerd, here's more fuel for your fire.

A long time ago, my brother's friend came to our house with his gameboy. In it, Pokemon Yellow. After getting my hands on it and playing for a few hours (to my brother's discontent), I was hooked. Anyway, a long time has passed since then, and when I first purchased my Nintendo DS, I sought out to purchase a new Pokemon game. After dishing out money on MarioKart DS, Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, Lost in Blue, and Meteos (not all at once), I finally snagged me a copy of Pokemon Sapphire.

If you've never played a Pokemon game, you have no idea what you're missing. Do you remember catching snakes when you were a kid? How about lightning bugs? Well, this is very similar, except you can make the snakes and lightning bugs fight each other. Not only that, but there are hundreds of different Pokemon you can catch, it's friggin endless! They also evolve into more powerful Pokemon and level up after each fight. It's like your little lightning bug turns into a creature of destruction! So cool.

I'm almost done with Sapphire and plan on getting another one when I'm finished. Anyone else out there into Pokemon. You can admit it!

By the way, that's my Swellow in the picture, he can kick your ass.


Dana said...

I do remember many times catching snakes and lightning bugs, in fact, I still do it. Just the other day my neice and I went to the "creek" and caught tadpoles and minnows. It made me remember the good ol days of going to the crick by dads house and catching creatures and letting clyde run around!!! But our creatures never did fight eachother like you are saying, unless we put a crawdad (HAHAHA) with the minnows, then there may be some blood shed. Love ya!

Bill said...

I never got into the pokemon games just for the fact that I fail at getting addicted to things. They always end up taking control over my life and I hate it. But I'm going to download some pokemon romz now and when I become more of a loser than I am now I shall have you to blame.

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