Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Taking Care of Business

Now that my resume has been out and about in Seattle (I think I saw it at Happy Hour downtown one day), I've been recieving a few e-mails from potential employers and from businesses who hire people for other businesses. I'm quite unsure as to what to do about this. Sure, there are people who could help a cost. I've already determined that I will never resort to paying my way into a job, it just doesn't seem right. Why pay someone to mow my lawn when I have to two, fully cabable legs? Yet, a little bit of advice wouldn't hurt.

I moved here for a specific reason - to get into the game industry. I don't want to lose sight of my plan and settle for something that will give me no particularly useful skills relevant to what I want to do. But, If I stay at Gap, I won't be any better off either.

If I can't get the type of position that I want, I'm gonna try to get as close as I can. But, I want to make sure that I don't pass up good opportunities that aren't quite what I'm looking for.

It was Henry David Thoreau who said, "Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it".

Perhaps I should put that on my resume.

I'm going to think this all over a little. Any suggestions?


Dana said...

Well, sounds like your in a pickle dick. You have people making you offers, but they are not the actual employers that are making the offers? Not really sure what to tell you other than I knew a PT that used a hiring agency and he got VERY good results. They only found people that were willing to work "for the love of it" and not the fly by night people just looking to go anywhere. I guess it all depends on the situation and the company. You are a very smart little boy and I am sure that you will make the best decision. By the way, one of you resumes must have made it to the east coast cuz I think that I saw it out here in Buffalo the other day partying it up and not doing its job! (sorry you can be cheesy, thought I could too!) Love ya!

Dewbob said...

Im sure you will find whats best. Think: "A foot in the door" "work hard and good things will come" They found a bottle washed up in Virginia Beach with one of your resumes in it.

mom said...

For the love of the work and not the money,is definately the perfect job...better than winning the lottery.You have got to be happy&content in what you choose to do,or life sucks(work wise!)You have a goal in your head,stick with it!You've only been there since May...there is still plenty of time to play YOUR cards right and feel out the situation!No need to rush yet!At least you are working while you figure it out!! Love ya!