Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Move: Rushmore to Seattle

This picture is of the most interesting part of our journey, the mountains in Montana, or at least the beginning of them. Montana was wierd though, it would rain for 10 minutes, stop for 10, then start again. This happened almost the whole time we were in Montana and into Idaho.

What's cool about the mountains is that once you get to a certain elevation, roughly 5500 feet, rain turns to snow! YAY SCIENCE! We didn't realize this however, and were startled that in a mere 2 seconds, we were in the middle of a snowstorm. But when we started going back down, it turned back into rain, awww. I wanted to show everyone my Buffalo snow driving expertise, but then realized I had everything I currently own in the back of my truck.

Rocky Mountain high.

This is the second mountain we went over, I forgot the name of it though. It too had snow capped peaks and......trees. Quite majestic isn't it?

I like fog rolling down a mountain ok? and powerlines.

I thought these rocks were cool, I think this is inbetween Montana and Idaho somewhere. What you can't see is the giant gorge to which we were trying not to skid into.

Can you see the deer's ass? Alex took this one ok...I know it's not as good as my rock pictures, but he didn't take photography in high school like I did.

Idaho. This is pretty much it.

This is the practice shot for when we made it into Washington, we were gonna get a shot of the welcome sign. Unfortunately, we didn't realize they placed the sign in the middle of the road, and not on the right hand side like every other state in the country. Needless to say we drove right past it, so just pretend that this is the "Welcome to Washington" sign.

This is pretty much the last picture I have. I didn't take any of Seattle, because we didn't pass it the night we made it into Bellevue, which is where I live. Seattle lies just to the east of Bellevue, on the other side of Lake Washington (get out your atlas!). We went there the next morning though, to the famous Pikes market and we eventually made it to the Space Needle ($15 elevator ride, pshtt). It was cool though. I've been downtown a few more times since then, and yes, I've gotten lost, but only becuase I don't know the streets that well. I'm pretty good now though. Downtown Seattle is a lot more friendly than Buffalo, I feel a little better going down there than I ever did in Buffalo, and Seattle is twice the size. Oh well. I hope you liked the pictures, and I'll try to update more often from here on out.

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