Tuesday, March 21, 2006

[GoBigelow] Places - Bigelow Hot Springs

The Bigelow Hot Springs, is located 58 miles outside of Eugene, Oregon near the McKenzie River. This sand lined spring is about eight by thirteen feet in diameter with about 2 feet of depth. Warm, soothing water cleanses naturists and hikers with a satisfying 140 degrees of constant heat. Due to it's location so near the river, the spring can cool down slightly in the winter months.

Dense green foliage and the occasional deer accompany the spring, making the sight of naked people that shouldn't be naked a little bit more bearable. Although I haven't been there, though I plan to once I get to Seattle, it seems to be a great place to journey for the day. For those of you who like to use your GPS while you walk around, here are the coordinates for this beautiful location: 44.241 Latitude, 122.058 Longitude. EXPECT NUDITY!!

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